Make More Sales in 2021 with Increased Speaking Skills - Joe Yazbeck

  • Wednesday, January 27, 2021
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom


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Make More Sales in 2021 with Increased Speaking Skills

Give better presentations and win new business with improved speaking tools, both virtually and live.

Join World-Class Speaking Coach & Best-Selling Author Joe Yazbeck as he shares his wit and wisdom in winning new business in a virtual age through professional speaking skills. Joe has coached top leaders and executives to inspire others into action through his No Fear Speaking tools to inspire and influence any audience.

You will learn:

  • How to never be nervous speaking in front of a group again.
  • How to create powerful content that you can confidently deliver with authority to any audience!
  • How to hone your talk into simple, but impactful messages, that inspire people and motivate them into action.
  • The 5C’s of a Commanding Speaker.

Joe is the author of the internationally acclaimed best-selling book No Fear Speaking published in 8 languages. He is the Founder of Prestige Leadership Advisors headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida.

“Joe unleashes in a speaker their authentic voice. His methods are unique, creative and genius.” – Neil Brickfield, Board of Pinellas County Commissioners 2008-2012.

WEDNESDAY - January 27, 2021 at 11:30 am

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Over a 30-year career Joe Yazbeck has taught heads of state, military officers, best-selling authors, and corporate heads how to become commanding leaders and dynamic speakers. He is world renown for helping people create a powerful vision and getting them to inspire others to follow their vision—whether it’s a vision to help a government, boom a business, or start a new enterprise.

Joe has delivered over 4,000 presentations world-wide. His training has resulted in empowering tens of thousands of audiences. He has created the successful Leaders Taking Action Roundtables, hosting vital leadership discussions with numerous top industry professionals participating. As an individual, Joe has coached top leaders and executives in many industries including technology, financial, health care, law, education, public service and numerous other industries

Joe is the author of the internationally acclaimed best-selling book “No Fear Speaking: High Impact Public Speaking Secrets to Inspire and Influence Any Audience” which is now published in 8 languages. The success of this book has made him a highly sought-after speaker in many countries across the globe.

Having delivered professional leadership and communications training in over 16 countries, Joe has helped major global public figures achieve success in business and public service. Some countries include the USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine and South Africa, just to name a few. Individuals as well as state and company executives seek Joe’s training services to help them give dynamic presentations through public speaking, online video presentations, television presentations, sales interactions, brand messaging and all forms of one-on one and business communication.

Joe is the CEO and Founder of Prestige Leadership Advisors headquartered in Tampa Bay Florida USA. This international company delivers services to government and business leaders alike for leadership communications training, brand messaging and assisting clients to achieve best-seller status of their written books.

Call: (813) 501-3165


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